Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apple Pie

Well Noah baked his first apple pie this week . . . and the little sticker's turned out to be the best one ever. We are reading a Bob Jones University Book called Pulling Together. In it the family has apple pie and milk for dinner one evening after lightning strikes their barn and catches it on fire. So we decided that it would be fun to make our own apple pie like in the story. We cheated just a little with the refrigerated pie crust - Can I just say that I will probably never make pie crust again. It is already rolled out for you - and it fits perfect no trimming or mess - nothing. I did promise Noah that we would make some cinnamon triangles - so I will probably make pie crust for that, but we'll see.
Have a good Thursday everyone.

Our Little Cinderella

I cannot believe that I forgot to post these photos. This is our very own little Avery-ella cleaning her room. She did a great job cleaning windows, mopping floors, washing the baseboards, and even cleaning out her closet. The funniest part is that she leaned out her window (no screens on yet) and started singing - because "that's what they do mom. They open the window and sing." I never thought of it before, but she was right. In almost all the Princess movies - someome is singing out a window.

Our hard work has paid off. A little cleaning here and there and a little moving around of the furniture and vola - a clean new room.

Our little princess tucked in for some much needed rest after a hard afternoon of work. Well I pray that each of you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend. I am looking forward to seeing my husband this weekend and spending some time together as a family.