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Friday, November 21, 2008

New Blog

Just letting everyone know that I will be switching our family blog over to this one. Papertree Delights will still be there, but I have decided to make that my crafting blog and I know some of you (as much as I can't believe it) really don't care all that much about crafting and just want to know about our family (OK really about the kids). So starting from here on out if you would like to see my crafting projects . . . papertreedelights . . . if you want to see our family . . . is the spot.

Have a great day everyone and we will be blogging again soon - Lisa

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crafting Season

Tis the Season for Craft Shows! I was determined that this year I was going to do a craft show. Well of course I waited until the last moment to get everything together (well this one wasn't entirely my fault - the sponser didn't let me know until a week before the show that I was in) - OK it really wouldn't have mattered if they let me know 2 months ago, I still would have procrastinated, but I have learned to except the fact and just move on. My poor family suffered through a week of eating in the living room or at their school desk - paper - scissors - glue - ribbon - tape - brads - did I mention paper . . . this is what we lived two weeks ago. People ask me "Is your house always this clean?" Well here is your answer come to my house the week before a show and you will see chaos like never before, but that is when I work best I think.

This picture is of my work station in the front living room. Somehow this ends up being most my dumping station and I work more in the kitchen.

Eat who needs to eat - we have crafts to make!

Did I mention paper . . . Here are some of the Kid's card kits I put together and of course more clutter.

Here are some of the journals I made to go along with the Journal in a Jar Sets. I REALLY enjoyed making these. These are a neat gift idea. I will try to post better pictures of the set later on.

And here we are at the show. The kids were real troopers and stayed the entire time . . . with the help of Daddy of course. I don't think Bob will be a Craft Show Man anytime soon though.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to do a show this year. Bob and the kids were all so patient with me as I pulled everything together. We have another show coming up in December that I am really looking forward to - and yes I have started making things for this one already.
Well it is past 11:30pm here - so I am off to get some sleep.
Have a wonderful night everyone - Lisa

Look out Milli Vanilli

Do you know what is sad? If you actually knew who that group was! ! ! Here is our very own Amazing Allen Duets. Bob hooked up a microphone in the amp we use for his electric drums so the kids could practice singing with a mic. Yeah . . . I'm not sure if that was such a great idea, but they love it. They have put on several shows already and are actually doing pretty good with it. Noah likes being the announcer more than actually singing in it. Now Avery is another story. The last picture is of her singing for Grandpa and Grandma Allen when they were down here. She did really well and stayed pretty focused on what she was doing. Grandpa thought she did such a good job he gave her $1.00. He told her if she practiced and got real good he would give her $2.00 . . . well that is all it wrote. She has been practicing all the time now. The other day I told her she needed to rest for a while and she said "but Grandpa is going to give me $2.00 if I practice real good". Thanks Grandpa . . . the microphone is coming to your house with the amp for Christmas. Santa delivers . . . I checked ! ! !

Enjoy the pictures everyone - maybe some time I can actually put them on here singing.


My little man isn't so little

I know this is a rather odd picture, but I just want to show you the dilema I go through on laundry day. My little boy is slowly (or rather quickly in Mommy time) growing to the size of a man (or at least his feet are). I know by looking at the picture you say "Well Bob's are still bigger" or "Noah's are grey on the bottom", but trust me when you have 40 socks staring you in the face those difference quickly disapear and you realize that you are no longer able to just grab the baby socks and the Daddy socks and be done. You now have to stop - think and then check drawers when your husband informs you that he thinks his socks are shrinking because they don't quite fit right. This is only the beginning wait for the underwear ! ! !

A little frazzled, but blessed all the same - Lisa

Bears in a Guitar Shop

Bob took the Bear Scouts to a Guitar shop a few weeks ago and they got to see how guitars are made. Phil, one of our scout's dad use to work here - so he gave the boys a grand tour. I think they all had a really fun time. Each of the boys came home with a guitar as well. OK so it was only 3 inches tall, but hey what can you expect for beginners. I know I have said this before, but was are so blessed with the boys in our pack . . . they are a great group of young men and Bob is so proud of all of them.

Avery's Broken Leg

Okay before you totally freak out and think Avery really broke her leg . . . take a really good look.
Yep you guessed it - it's toilet paper ! ! Is that not just the funniest thing ever. She came in the other day and asked for some tape and the next thing I know she comes hobbling back in. I think she probably got this from poor little Audrey's arm, but I just thought this was too cute. Of course she played it to the hilt. And I must say that I am SO thankful we have not had to live this in real life, which I am completely shocked about.
Have a great day everyone and as Avery would say "break a leg" or at least a TP Break

Bind-It All

Okay to most of you that means nothing. But to the rest of us "crafters" it means your own personal binding system. This was one of those "have-to-have" things that was all the buzz this past year. Well I waited and waited and waited and then CAVED ! ! ! But I am so glad that I did. It is a fun little machine and is super easy to use. You can make all kinds of scrapbooks or notebooks or coaster projects. The possiblilities are endless. Okay can you see that I am still trying to justify it.

This is a little scrapbook I made for Avery. It took me longer to print off the label than it did to put the book together. It is just filled with blank pieces of paper for her to write or draw on.
This picture is of a Birthday Calendar I put together for the Craft Show. Each month is on a seperate piece of paper so you can see all the birthdays for that specific month. I really enjoyed making these and think next time I will try a little different size as well.
Well there you have it my "have-to-have" sale pitch for the year. OK I guess not everyone has to have it, but even if you don't use it is a great conversation piece.
Have a wonderful day everyone - Lisa

Just Some Catching Up To Do

I had a few minutes this evening so I decided to try and get a little caught up on the blog. The kiddos are sleeping (thank you God - that is truly a blessing) and Bobby is off recording music tonight, so it is just me, the laptop and Josh Groban's Christmas CD.

Just to update everyone - Noah is doing "better". I say that because he still sounds so bad when he coughs, but at least he is sleeping through the night a little better. We are on day 9 of this and let me just say it is a little tiring and I'm not even the one sick. We did take him to the doctor on Saturday and then back Wednesday for chest x-rays. Noah does not do well AT ALL with unknown situations (He is like his mama that way) and was really nervous when the Dr. Vo sent us over to Radiology. Avery was telling him all about what to expect and how he will get stickers and everything (She's an old pro having gone through it last winter), but for some reason he wasn't too comforted.

I have to call tomorrow (Friday) if he is still no better, but I think the antibiotics are starting to work a little. The cough syrup Dr. Vo prescribed seems to be stopping the cough enough at night to were he can actually sleep a little. Since it is walking pneumonia, she only wants to try and give him the cough syrup at night so it doesn't settle lower in his lungs. But I think with the inhaler during the day . . . he is able to get past most of the coughing fits without gagging too much. We still are watching for signs of dehydration as now he has diarrhea and is still not eating. Poor little guy lost over 7 pounds from Saturday's weigh in to Wednesday's weigh in, but he is slowly starting to eat a little here and there and we found a Gatorade that he likes - so that helps a lot.

Poor little Avery has missed her Bubba so much. He has not had the energy or desire to even play with her. But now I fear that she is getting it as well. When we went in on Wednesday she was coughing a little bit and Dr. Vo asked if she was sick as well, but she had just started coughing the evening before, so I didn't really know. But . . . . today she has started coughing more and more, so we are just going to see what happens.

Through all this week - I am so blessed that my children are as healthy as they are. I was reminded again today of how fragile life is and how blessed we are as parents with "healthy" strong children. I have not had to watch my child suffer with a debilitating disease or fight for their lives. Each day I have with them is truly a gift from God and I am SO thankful.

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to thank God for your blessings - Lisa