Grace On Rainbow

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cuniform writings . . .

Don't mind me for some reason I had crusiform rather than cuniform in my head . . . oh well loooong morning for Mommy.

Have a wonderful day everyone - Lisa

Friday, January 8, 2010

No Snow Days . . .

One downside to homeschooling for the kiddos is that they don't get snow days - but the upside is that we get to snuggle on the coach with pillows, blankets, and our heater and do our school work. . . or be completely silly when they realize Mommy is taking a picture.

Have a wonderful day everyone - we are a balmy 2 degrees (wind chill of -12) right now.

In His service - Lisa

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Avery's Song

Noah is trying to teach Avery guitar- and she is actually not doing too bad. I was in the family room and Bob came and got me to go listen to Avery. She was sitting on Noah's bed and singing her little heart out - hope you all enjoy. This is when life is truly GOOD!!!

Christmas 2009

How to flush a potty with no water?

Well this question might not mean a lot to some, but for us it has become our daily task as we have had frozen pipes (until last night) . . . So just in case you would ever happen to need this information here is my wisdom on flushing a potty (that word seems better than toilet) without running water.

Materials needed:
1 mop bucket or similar pail
1 smaller bucket for scooping (or you can always just use your hands)
1 pair of waterproof gloves (these need not fit perfect - Daddy's work just fine)
1 scarf
1 hat (to cover those ears)
1 warm jacket
1 pair of waterproof boots (feet wrapped in Wal-Mart sacks work just as well)
1 hardworking boy (complete with sound effects) who thinks it is a game to dig trails through the snow
2 towels (one for the hardworking boy to step on and one to set the pail on)
1 scoop for placing snow in pans
2 pans
Optional: medium sifter used to remove the grass, acorns, rocks and "gumballs" from the snow that the hardworking boy scooped up by accident

1) Wrap hardworking boy up in above warm clothing (even if he protests that he is SO hot)
2) Send boy out to scoop up snow and place in bucket.
3) Make sure boy stands on above towel so he is not soaking the floor with melting snow
4) Place pots on stove and turn to high
5) Dump snow into pots (setting bucket down on the other towel)
6) Send boy out for more snow
7) Repeat steps 2-6 as needed until you have one full bucket of water
(3 buckets of snow = 1 bucket of water)
8) Take off lid to toilet tank
9) Dump the bucket of water into the tank
10) Flush . . . VICTORY ! ! ! !
11) Make hardworking boy some warm hot chocolate followed by a big hug and kiss.

Important Note:
It is VITAL and I repeat VITAL that you ask hardworking boy if he has to use the potty before you proceed with Step #10 (ask me how I know this)

If no snow is available . . . well sorry you better make a trip to the gas station.

Have a wonderful day everyone - and yes every faucet in my house is dripping - Lisa

A little birdy told me . . .

So I have been wanting to put these pictures up FOREVER and am just now able to thanks to my dear husband and my wonderful Christmas present (Cable Internet) - Although I am guessing that after this he probably will be rethinking his decision.

OK so here is the story ... I like to decorate for the seasons, especially fall - so I really didn't see any harm in hanging a fall wreath on the outside of the door. Well little did I know that this little guy or gal would think it a perfect home. There was a couple times when we came home that as we came up to the door something would dash out of the wreath and fly away . . . well one night that was not the case. Bob forgot to check the wreath before he opened the door and well you guessed it - in flies a little "unwelcomed" house guest. Have you ever tried to catch a bird? Let me just tell you it is the most frustrating thing for the person trying to catch it and the FUNNIEST thing for those watching (and taking pictures). I don't think Bob was too pleased with the picture taker in some of the pictures, but I couldn't resist- I mean seriously how often do you get a bird flying into your house?
I love this picture - I'm not sure if he is trying to catch it or just shaking his fist in utter frustration.

Oh he is soooo close - but no. The bird decided to check out the rest of the house and left the backroom for a quick look around and then headed for Noah's room. Now Noah's room is not that big, but I tell you we could not find that bird anywhere. We looked in the closet- behind the door -up on dressers - no bird. Now I'm thinking this is not too fun - we really need to find this bird. Well after thinking it had somehow gotten past all of us and was now in another part of the house - Noah discovered it on the side of his bed . . . OK little guy time for you to go home - it was a nice visit but God gave you a much bigger home to enjoy.

Sweet victory . . . All snuggled up in a towel ready to great the world once again. He is cute though don't you think? (the bird too)

Have a wonderful day everyone - Lisa