Grace On Rainbow

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All Dressed Up . . . And Off We Go

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the kids all dressed up for Easter Sunday - Noah was so proud of his new suite. He said "Now this is what a real gentelman wears" . . . too funny. What was even funnier is trying to buy this kid a pair of dress shoes. We ended up searching all over town one day and only coming up with a pair of brown ones that wouldn't work - so in despiration last week we went on the hunt again - and found ONE black pair in the entire town of Springfield that would work.

This is actually Avery's second Easter dress - I had originally picked out a bright poka-dot dress, but she found this one while we were shopping last week and decided she would look more like a princess in it - Plus we found a pearl necklace, braclet and earrings to match! I know how did I end up with such a girly-girl :-) - But truth be known I wouldn't want her any other way. Grandma & Grandpa Allen bought her a new purse for her birthday and of course she had to pack everything under the sun and take it with her.
Please continue to pray for Avery - She is still not doing 100%. She caught a cold this weekend after her stomach flu. She hasn't eaten good in over a week and now her throat is just raw from coughing so hard.
The entire family ready to go . . . Have a great Week everyone and we will talk to you soon.
PS. - Thanks Mom for sending me these pictures - I never did get one with the kids dressed up (bad Mom I know).

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Hard to Believe

I cannot believe how fast time really does go by. We just celebrated Avery's 5th Birthday this past weekend. She told Bob that now that she was 5 she is going to move out on her own :-) Believe it or not - I think she is just independent enough to actually do it ! ! ! We had a wonderful day and the kids enjoyed hunting for eggs - even though Jeremy and Bobby were a little cruel in how they hid them this year. (Yes the big boys still like to have fun as well) Let's just say that trees and gutters were not off limits this year.

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Easter and truly reflected on what the day is REALLY about. Far too often I am guilty of rushing through Easter since everything always seems to be taking place around this time - This year we were able to enjoy the Lord's Supper at church Sunday Evening and over the past week hear our pastor preach on what Jesus truly went through during those last days and moments of his life. I pray that we all remember that he simply did not just die for us - he suffered for us - a suffering like we can never even image. I need to remember how God himself suffered and died for the sins of an entire world both past - present and future.
Have a wonderful week everyone - Lisa

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not Such A Cute Bug . . .

Just thought you would like to see what Avery has been look at for the last two days. Yep the Allen's thought we had made it - - - but no such luck. Our little Princess has come down with the flu bug. She woke up at 2:30am yesterday morning throwing up and running a fever. Can I just tell you how sweet she is . . . she went into the bathroom and threw up in the sink and then started to come and get us up. I never even heard her until she was in the dining room and didn't quite make it. I So I got her cleaned up and sent back to bed thinking she was all done - but no such luck. She threw up about every 10 minutes. I have NEVER had one of the kids be this sick! ! ! I felt so bad for her because she was such a little trooper and made it to the waste basket every time. I thought she would feel better Friday evening, but we ended up calling the doctor because she couldn't even hold water down for more than 1 minute after she drank it. The nurse told us that it was just a bug going around and they have seen a lot of it. She said that she would have to take a teaspoon of water at a time and if she couldn't keep that down to take her to Pediatric Urgent Care so they could see if she was getting dehydrated. After taking water a teaspoon at a time she was able to finally keep liquids down around 6:00 last night and she went to the bathroom - so no urgent care visit. She woke up this morning "thinking" she was better - but back to the tummy ache she went. So another day with this not so cute bug . . . Tomorrow is race day and it will be the first race day that we will miss if she is still no better :-(

Well I better try and get a few things done around the house . . . it is looking as pitiful as Avery these days.

Pray all of you are doing well and have a great weekend - Lisa

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a little housework to be done. . .

Sorry I have been so bad about updating the blog lately. Our schedule has been crazy these past few weeks. We are leaving for our couples Retreat this weekend, and then Race Day Weekend is next, and then Avery's Birthday & Easter. Can I just tell you that March is an insane month for us. But God has been gracious in allowing me to be able to get things put together this year a little better than I had in the past.

Bob snapped this photo of my mom and Avery doing the housework together. You know when someone is really bored when they ask to iron your clothes. :-) My mom use to iron for $5.00 a basket . . . Avery thought it was fun to join Grandma with her ironing too, but she didn't get $5.00.

Well I need to run and finish up some last minute cleaning things before I run Noah to Bob for music. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. - Lisa

The Mighty Hunter

Well we had a nice day the other day so Bob took Noah out and let him do some target practice with his gun. He actually did really well. (I think even a little better than Daddy :-) sh . . . don't tell him I said that. Noah even got a bullseye. Who would have guessed we have a little sharp shooter in our midst.

Well after Noah took a few turns then it was Avery's turn. She did pretty well as well - At least she hit the cardboard. I think she needs a little more practice. Of course Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa all had to take a turn at it as well. Just to let you know I came in 2nd place . . . I know what an upset that was :-) I'll be giving lessons to anyone interested :-)
Well I have to finish up some things - so off I go for the day.
Have a great day everyone - Lisa