Grace On Rainbow

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Hard to Believe

I cannot believe how fast time really does go by. We just celebrated Avery's 5th Birthday this past weekend. She told Bob that now that she was 5 she is going to move out on her own :-) Believe it or not - I think she is just independent enough to actually do it ! ! ! We had a wonderful day and the kids enjoyed hunting for eggs - even though Jeremy and Bobby were a little cruel in how they hid them this year. (Yes the big boys still like to have fun as well) Let's just say that trees and gutters were not off limits this year.

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Easter and truly reflected on what the day is REALLY about. Far too often I am guilty of rushing through Easter since everything always seems to be taking place around this time - This year we were able to enjoy the Lord's Supper at church Sunday Evening and over the past week hear our pastor preach on what Jesus truly went through during those last days and moments of his life. I pray that we all remember that he simply did not just die for us - he suffered for us - a suffering like we can never even image. I need to remember how God himself suffered and died for the sins of an entire world both past - present and future.
Have a wonderful week everyone - Lisa