Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pinewood Derby Blowout ! ! !

Monday night was the annual Pinewood Derby Races. This was our first experience with this and let me just say some of these people take it VERY serious (all in the name of fun I'm sure). I must say that I am very proud of Bob. He did not get too crazy this year even though I know that he wanted to. Noah did very well. He won all three of his races. His car is the blue one closest to him. He also did great in his interview - - Yes they even have to go through an interview process of how they built their car. The only problem he had was that he takes everything so seriously. I told Bob he was going to have an ulcer before the end of the night. He was just "so worried" about everything. I think next year might be better since he will know what to expect. I think he really enjoyed himself though. This coming Monday is Blue & Gold Banquet so I will have more Cub Scout pictures then to share.

I am off to check on my sick boy. Avery went to bed last night with a "tummy ache" which we didn't take too seriously because it was more of a "I don't want to eat my supper ache". This morning she laid around for about two hours, but seems to be doing better. Now Noah is sick with a "tummy ache" and has been laying in the tub for about an hour . . . so we will see. Have a great weekend everyone.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Noah's Music Program

I just realized that poor Avery is getting left out again. I am going to have to take a few pictures of her this week and post them up here, just to even things up a bit.
Here are a few pictures of Noah's Music Program. He did a GREAT job. Bob and I were SOOO proud of him (even if he did forget to introduce us).
He has one more year to go and then we will be looking for a new piano teacher and guitar teacher. Can I just say that I am really going to miss this program. It has been such a great overall music program for him. Avery will be starting this fall and I'm really excited to see how she will do with it as well.

2 out of 3 . . . "It's my best record ever ! ! "

Let me explain the title a little bit. By the pictures I'm sure that you can guess what Noah has done. He lost his first TOP tooth ! ! ! We have been wiggling this tooth for a few days now, but it finally gave way this morning while he was brushing his teeth. He really looks like a toothless grinner now :-) When he called Bob to tell him this morning, Bob said that 2 out of 3 isn't bad (meaning he saved 2 but swallowed 1). Noah said "Not Bad! It's my best record ever!" Kids really do say the funniest things.
I hope you all have a wonderful day - Lisa

Playing Catch Up

Well so much for 2008 slowing down. I know it has been FOREVER since I posted. Sorry about that everyone. Here are a few pictures of Christmas that I have been trying to get up. We had a great day just sitting at home and snuggling with one another. The kids did wonderful. They were very patient as they had to wait until almost 10:00 or so before they could open their gifts. Every year we struggle with how to best teach them about the true meaning of Christmas, and this year was the first time we saw them actually have their hearts in the right place. They did wonderful as we got up and took our time making breakfast and starting the fire. We really wanted them to focus on Jesus' birth and our family before we allowed them to tear into their presents, and I must say it was SOOOO much better that we.

Bob read the story of Jesus' birth and then they gave me the cards they had made for me. I think it was one of the best Christmas mornings that I can remember. It also helped that we had 60 degree weather as well. The kids had made our neighbors cards, so after they unwrapped their gifts we all got on our sweaters and walked up the street to deliver them and wish them all a Merry Christmas.

Just a few pictures of the kids opening their gifts.