Grace On Rainbow

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mississippi Fun . . .

We are back from our trip to Mississippi/Memphis Tenn. Here are a few pictures that I took of the kids and Bob swimming. It was a great pool for the kids as half of the pool was 3 to 3 1/2 feet deep so the kids had lots of room to swim around. They both did great in the pictures - below you will see Noah going UNDER the water and Avery jumping off the ladder to Bob. She is definately our water girl. She will go all the way under without
plugging her nose.

Avery jumping to Bob. This was her favorite thing to do. I must say that this was not one of the more fun moments for Mommy - but she did great. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend - Lisa

Gingerbread Delights

Today has been such a good day . . . we just sat at home and relaxed today - something that we don't get to do very often any more. We decided to bake gingerbread cookies and decorate them this evening. Let me just say that bowls of icing in front of two kids is truly a setting for a mess and a sugar rush . . . and memories.

After they were all done decorating we snuggled in and had a movie night - baths - and bed here we come. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone. . . and remember to take some time to be with those you love.

Mammoth Springs

On our way home from Mississippi we stopped by Mammoth Spring Arkansas at the dam - it was SOOOO Cold ! ! ! It was fun to stop by and see the train depot and dam. Noah was a little scared crossing the dam, but he eventually did it with the bribe of the train depot on the other side. (Oh the methods of parents)

Pack Meeting

We had our pack meeting this past Monday and Noah was one of the boys who presented the colors. He did a wonderful job. I did a horrible job at taking pictures this time - we were all scrambling around trying to get the boys around all the different stations to work on their crafts and invitations for the Blue and Gold Banquet coming up in February. They all did a great job considering they did leather work, beads, stamping, and painting.
I promise to do better next time with the pictures - Have a good night - Lisa

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My little crafter

We went to Joplin today to a craft show at Cecil Floyd Elementary - can I just tell you if you have not yet experienced that it was quite the adventure. I have never before been to such a crowded show before. I wanted to go down and check it out because I would like to start doing some shows this coming year - but honestly I think it was just a bit too overwhelming. The foot traffic was great for a show, but it all seemed a bit too disorganized and cramped for me. If Bob wasn't with me I know I would have never had been able to find my way out of that place - of course this is coming from the girl that gets lost in the mall. Needless to say I am a little directionally challenged.
Anyway when we got home this afternoon both the kids wanted to craft. Here is a few pictures of Avery and her "craft table".

She had 6 notebooks liked up and ready to go. I don't know if I am going to live to love this or live to regret this . . .

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. We will talk to you all soon - Love Lisa

Friday, December 7, 2007

Not one, not two, but THREE . . .

Yep you heard it right - we don't just have one, or two but THREE trees this year. Dad (aka Grandpa Allen) if you read this don't fall out of your chair - Bob thought that it would be fun for the kids to have their own trees so we put up a 4 1/2 foot tree in each of their rooms and let them decorate them. I must say that it really was a lot of fun going with them and letting them pick out all of their ornaments and lights. Now brace yourself. . . I even put up some light outside. I know- I know . . . what has come over me.

This is a picture of the tree in our living room. We still haven't put up a big tree in there, but hey it's a start at least

The next picture is of Noah's tree - he picked out cars and blue lights
to hang on his. He was really excited when we found the star for the top . . . the only thing is is that it is so bright it lights up his whole bedroom . . . but he likes it.

Avery picked out bright colors. She ahd picked out cell phones and puppies, but Mommy wasn't quite ready for that.

So I think I am caught up for the last three years with three trees this year (right Dad ! ! ! )

Okay everyone have a wonderful weekend - Lisa

My Sanity has returned ! ! !

YEAH ! ! ! ! Bobby made it home tonight around 5:30. The kids and I met him at the airport. They each made a sign for him. It was so fun to watch the kids as Bob came down the escalator. Noah held up his sign and was SOOOO proud to have his Daddy home.

I think we will all sleep a lot better tonight than we have this past week. No coach for me tonight I am sleeping on the pillow top ! ! !

So here we are all snuggled in our pajamas and ready for our "Movie Night". Just between you and me I don't think Bob is going to make it much past the previews - he is pretty wipped out from the day of travel. :-)

So off I go to get in my snuggle time too. Have a great weekend everyone.

Love to all - Lisa

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just a quick note

I don't want you to think I have abandoned you all. This week has been so crazy. I hate when Bob is gone - it seems to throw everything out of wack and to top it off it's the Christmas season. I've really tried not to make things to hectic, but to be honest I am failing miserably. It seems that every day has something and every moment is spent thinking of the things still to do. Okay now I will take a deep breath - finish up school for the day - get Noah ready for music (please God let Avery sit through the class okay) and then off to the grocery store tonight since our refrigerator is looking a little like a big empty box rather than a thing to hold food.

I had all intentions of making and sending out Christmas cards this year, I have the design I bought the paper - but guess what the Allen's Christmas cards are going to be in e-mail form once again. I have thought about starting to make cards now for next year - I still probably wont be able to get them out in time. :-)

Okay I am off to finish up laundry and school - practice Noah's solo before music and some how get Avery to take a nap (okay I know that the last part is probably not going to happen, but a Mommy can dream can't she).

Have a great weekend everyone - my sanity (Bob) will be back tomorrow night. YEAH ! ! ! !

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Know . . . I Know . . . It's been a while.

(Photo of front porch) - I cannot believe that we will already be changing this to Christmas in a week! Where has this year gone?

Sorry everyone - this week got away from me. Everyone is doing much better. I think we are all over the stomach flu - - YEAH ! ! ! Noah is doing really well in school. I have been meaning to scan some of his cursive writing papers - Bob says that he has better writing skills then him, but if you have ever seen Bob's writing you know that's not too hard to beat ;-) I will try to remember to do that this coming week.

Well I am missing my kids BAD today. Uncle Bill and Aunt Kris took them for the weekend, which I am so thankful for. It is something that both Bob and I want for them. We love that they have the opportunity to have that relationship with our family. I know that they need a break from Mommy sometimes - especially when they are with me all day every day. Poor Noah just needs some "Dad Time" he says (Crush my heart - but I know he doesn't mean anything by it.) I would want a break from me too :-)

Okay off I go to finish laundry. Bob is mounting the bathroom sink to the wall as we speak. I hear the screw driver turning YEAH ! ! ! ! Trim and doors here we come . . .

Everyone have a wonderful weekend - Lisa

Mom - below are some pictures of the front living room and dining room I took so you could see. You still can't see the true bottom color of the dining room, but at least you can get a picture of what it looks like now.

The oak cabinet is the one that we just got for all the school supplies and books. It is a little oranger than the cabinets, but Bob thinks it will lighten a little bit too.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Outside Fairy

Just a few pictures I took the other day. It was actually nice outside for a change - so the kids and I ventured outside. I told Avery to get dressed - can I just say you never trust a 4-year-old girl to get dressed by herself. Believe it or not this hodge podge outfit really surprised me because she is SOOO picky about what she wears. (She must have gotten that from Bob).

Anyway there you have a few pictures for the week. I probably wont post for the rest of the week. Noah has been up all night with the stomach flu - and I am going to try to get everyone (including Mommy) to take a nap this afternoon. Bob is still not feeling 100% either, but he was able to go to work this morning. Hopefully this will be our big family bout for this year and now we will be all done with it (okay I can dream can't I). Have a great day and weekend.

Saving the Earth (Well Trying To)

A few weeks ago Noah and Avery decided that they wanted to plant a tree. They found a big branch and then "planted" it in the ground and piled the rocks so that it would stay. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but one of the branches broke off at the top and so they fixed it with scotch tape. The innocence of kids is wonderful at times. To my surprise it has survived a wind storm and a rain storm. Who would have guessed :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Weekend . . .

No pictures today (sorry Grandmas).

Bob and the band had a long but very good trip to St. Louis on Friday. They had four church youth groups that came with about 75-80 kids. They made it safely back home around 3:00 am Saturday morning . . . so he was just a little tired. Saturday they had the opportunity to play at the Spanish Family Night at our church and again they had a really good crowd. The workers did a wonderful job putting everything together for the evening.

It seems like everyone down here is coming down with something - and Bob has caught it as well. He was running a fever this morning and has been congested. His fever broke this afternoon, but he is still feeling pretty under the weather. So far the kids just have a little stuffy nose in the morning - but nothing serious.

Yesterday the weather station over by our house had their Open House so we took the kids thinking that we would just go and look around for an hour or so. Well we stood in line for 2 hours and were there for 3 1/2 hours, but it was so much fun for the kids. They were able to play with dry ice, watch a weather balloon launch, and write with lightning. (Mommy was just a little nervous about that).

Some of you have been wondering how school has been going for us . . . BUSY . . . I cannot believe how quick the day goes. We have started a new Bible and History program and Noah LOVES them. I cannot believe how much of a difference this year has brought for both the kids and I. I must confess that at times it seems a little overwhelming as I wonder how to fit everything into our day, but God knows best I just have to follow His direction. I will try and post some pictures later this week with some of the projects we have been working on.

Okay enough for tonight. I am going to eat some popcorn drink a cup of tea and then head off to bed. I pray that you each have a WONDERFUL coming week.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Scout Awards

Tonight was our big pack meeting were the boys received all their awards they earned. Noah earned his BobCat Badge and two achievement beads for his WolfScout Badge. The boys were really excited to get their badges - and our little guys did great as they waited patiently for everyone to get their badges.

Who is that GORGEOUS den leader ? ? ? Oh that is my fabulous honey . . . He is such a good leader for these boys - I am so thankful that they have a Godly role model for their leader.

Each of the our Wolf Mothers received a special BobCat pin that the boys pinned on. We were just a little nervous about this . . . but surprisingly there was no bloodshed :-)

Avery really enjoys going to the meetings as well - I didn't get a picture of it, but as the boys were saying the pledge she had her little fingers up to her brow saying it right along with them. I think it is going to break her heart when she discovers that BOYS scouts is for BOYS only and she will have to go to GIRLS scouts one day.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Congratulations Andrew & Melissa

My cousin Andrew is getting remarried tomorrow - so I actually sat down and made a wedding card and matching envelope. I have been wanting to get back to crafting, but I just have been so consumed with repainting and redoing the house that crafting keeps getting pushed further and further down the line. I must confess that it felt good to get ink on my fingers again.

Anyway I'm really excited for him and his soon-to-be wife. For all of you who know Andy we have been praying for a long time that God would send him a help meet. He is such a wonderful

guy and Bob and I both think a great deal of him. Congratulations to you both - see you tomorrow at the wedding ! ! !

Soccer Star

Okay so he's not what you would call the soccer star . . . but none the less he tries. Noah has his last game this Saturday (which I must confess I'm glad - it has been a busy September & October for the Allen Family). I don't believe he will be playing again next year - it is just getting a little too much with Cub Scouts and Music and Avery's Dance - but we will see. Anyway enjoy the pictures. Oh and don't be fooled - those dirty knees happened before the game when he was wrestling with Daddy :-) Like I said he is a dirt-boy not a soccer star ! !

Stretching before the game

I thought this picture turned out great. Most of the time this is what he does - runs back and forth sometimes with the ball . . . sometimes not.

A look at the whole team - I took 4 photos and everyone of them Noah looks like this . . . sometimes you just got to go with it and not worry about the pose.
I pray that everyone has a wonderful night and weekend.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Entering the blogger world

I can't believe that I am actually entering the blogger world. For those of you who don't know what a blog is - it is just simply a place to post daily thoughts, events and whatever else may come my way. My hope is that I will be able to keep everyone more informed and updated on our family and things happening as I find that we are getting busier and busier with life. So we will see how it goes . . . Have a great evening everyone and we will be talking (posting) again soon.