Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soccer Star

Okay so he's not what you would call the soccer star . . . but none the less he tries. Noah has his last game this Saturday (which I must confess I'm glad - it has been a busy September & October for the Allen Family). I don't believe he will be playing again next year - it is just getting a little too much with Cub Scouts and Music and Avery's Dance - but we will see. Anyway enjoy the pictures. Oh and don't be fooled - those dirty knees happened before the game when he was wrestling with Daddy :-) Like I said he is a dirt-boy not a soccer star ! !

Stretching before the game

I thought this picture turned out great. Most of the time this is what he does - runs back and forth sometimes with the ball . . . sometimes not.

A look at the whole team - I took 4 photos and everyone of them Noah looks like this . . . sometimes you just got to go with it and not worry about the pose.
I pray that everyone has a wonderful night and weekend.