Grace On Rainbow

Monday, October 29, 2007

Scout Awards

Tonight was our big pack meeting were the boys received all their awards they earned. Noah earned his BobCat Badge and two achievement beads for his WolfScout Badge. The boys were really excited to get their badges - and our little guys did great as they waited patiently for everyone to get their badges.

Who is that GORGEOUS den leader ? ? ? Oh that is my fabulous honey . . . He is such a good leader for these boys - I am so thankful that they have a Godly role model for their leader.

Each of the our Wolf Mothers received a special BobCat pin that the boys pinned on. We were just a little nervous about this . . . but surprisingly there was no bloodshed :-)

Avery really enjoys going to the meetings as well - I didn't get a picture of it, but as the boys were saying the pledge she had her little fingers up to her brow saying it right along with them. I think it is going to break her heart when she discovers that BOYS scouts is for BOYS only and she will have to go to GIRLS scouts one day.