Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Outside Fairy

Just a few pictures I took the other day. It was actually nice outside for a change - so the kids and I ventured outside. I told Avery to get dressed - can I just say you never trust a 4-year-old girl to get dressed by herself. Believe it or not this hodge podge outfit really surprised me because she is SOOO picky about what she wears. (She must have gotten that from Bob).

Anyway there you have a few pictures for the week. I probably wont post for the rest of the week. Noah has been up all night with the stomach flu - and I am going to try to get everyone (including Mommy) to take a nap this afternoon. Bob is still not feeling 100% either, but he was able to go to work this morning. Hopefully this will be our big family bout for this year and now we will be all done with it (okay I can dream can't I). Have a great day and weekend.