Grace On Rainbow

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Know . . . I Know . . . It's been a while.

(Photo of front porch) - I cannot believe that we will already be changing this to Christmas in a week! Where has this year gone?

Sorry everyone - this week got away from me. Everyone is doing much better. I think we are all over the stomach flu - - YEAH ! ! ! Noah is doing really well in school. I have been meaning to scan some of his cursive writing papers - Bob says that he has better writing skills then him, but if you have ever seen Bob's writing you know that's not too hard to beat ;-) I will try to remember to do that this coming week.

Well I am missing my kids BAD today. Uncle Bill and Aunt Kris took them for the weekend, which I am so thankful for. It is something that both Bob and I want for them. We love that they have the opportunity to have that relationship with our family. I know that they need a break from Mommy sometimes - especially when they are with me all day every day. Poor Noah just needs some "Dad Time" he says (Crush my heart - but I know he doesn't mean anything by it.) I would want a break from me too :-)

Okay off I go to finish laundry. Bob is mounting the bathroom sink to the wall as we speak. I hear the screw driver turning YEAH ! ! ! ! Trim and doors here we come . . .

Everyone have a wonderful weekend - Lisa

Mom - below are some pictures of the front living room and dining room I took so you could see. You still can't see the true bottom color of the dining room, but at least you can get a picture of what it looks like now.

The oak cabinet is the one that we just got for all the school supplies and books. It is a little oranger than the cabinets, but Bob thinks it will lighten a little bit too.