Grace On Rainbow

Friday, December 7, 2007

My Sanity has returned ! ! !

YEAH ! ! ! ! Bobby made it home tonight around 5:30. The kids and I met him at the airport. They each made a sign for him. It was so fun to watch the kids as Bob came down the escalator. Noah held up his sign and was SOOOO proud to have his Daddy home.

I think we will all sleep a lot better tonight than we have this past week. No coach for me tonight I am sleeping on the pillow top ! ! !

So here we are all snuggled in our pajamas and ready for our "Movie Night". Just between you and me I don't think Bob is going to make it much past the previews - he is pretty wipped out from the day of travel. :-)

So off I go to get in my snuggle time too. Have a great weekend everyone.

Love to all - Lisa