Grace On Rainbow

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All Dressed Up . . . And Off We Go

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the kids all dressed up for Easter Sunday - Noah was so proud of his new suite. He said "Now this is what a real gentelman wears" . . . too funny. What was even funnier is trying to buy this kid a pair of dress shoes. We ended up searching all over town one day and only coming up with a pair of brown ones that wouldn't work - so in despiration last week we went on the hunt again - and found ONE black pair in the entire town of Springfield that would work.

This is actually Avery's second Easter dress - I had originally picked out a bright poka-dot dress, but she found this one while we were shopping last week and decided she would look more like a princess in it - Plus we found a pearl necklace, braclet and earrings to match! I know how did I end up with such a girly-girl :-) - But truth be known I wouldn't want her any other way. Grandma & Grandpa Allen bought her a new purse for her birthday and of course she had to pack everything under the sun and take it with her.
Please continue to pray for Avery - She is still not doing 100%. She caught a cold this weekend after her stomach flu. She hasn't eaten good in over a week and now her throat is just raw from coughing so hard.
The entire family ready to go . . . Have a great Week everyone and we will talk to you soon.
PS. - Thanks Mom for sending me these pictures - I never did get one with the kids dressed up (bad Mom I know).