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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not Such A Cute Bug . . .

Just thought you would like to see what Avery has been look at for the last two days. Yep the Allen's thought we had made it - - - but no such luck. Our little Princess has come down with the flu bug. She woke up at 2:30am yesterday morning throwing up and running a fever. Can I just tell you how sweet she is . . . she went into the bathroom and threw up in the sink and then started to come and get us up. I never even heard her until she was in the dining room and didn't quite make it. I So I got her cleaned up and sent back to bed thinking she was all done - but no such luck. She threw up about every 10 minutes. I have NEVER had one of the kids be this sick! ! ! I felt so bad for her because she was such a little trooper and made it to the waste basket every time. I thought she would feel better Friday evening, but we ended up calling the doctor because she couldn't even hold water down for more than 1 minute after she drank it. The nurse told us that it was just a bug going around and they have seen a lot of it. She said that she would have to take a teaspoon of water at a time and if she couldn't keep that down to take her to Pediatric Urgent Care so they could see if she was getting dehydrated. After taking water a teaspoon at a time she was able to finally keep liquids down around 6:00 last night and she went to the bathroom - so no urgent care visit. She woke up this morning "thinking" she was better - but back to the tummy ache she went. So another day with this not so cute bug . . . Tomorrow is race day and it will be the first race day that we will miss if she is still no better :-(

Well I better try and get a few things done around the house . . . it is looking as pitiful as Avery these days.

Pray all of you are doing well and have a great weekend - Lisa


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