Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little birdy told me . . .

So I have been wanting to put these pictures up FOREVER and am just now able to thanks to my dear husband and my wonderful Christmas present (Cable Internet) - Although I am guessing that after this he probably will be rethinking his decision.

OK so here is the story ... I like to decorate for the seasons, especially fall - so I really didn't see any harm in hanging a fall wreath on the outside of the door. Well little did I know that this little guy or gal would think it a perfect home. There was a couple times when we came home that as we came up to the door something would dash out of the wreath and fly away . . . well one night that was not the case. Bob forgot to check the wreath before he opened the door and well you guessed it - in flies a little "unwelcomed" house guest. Have you ever tried to catch a bird? Let me just tell you it is the most frustrating thing for the person trying to catch it and the FUNNIEST thing for those watching (and taking pictures). I don't think Bob was too pleased with the picture taker in some of the pictures, but I couldn't resist- I mean seriously how often do you get a bird flying into your house?
I love this picture - I'm not sure if he is trying to catch it or just shaking his fist in utter frustration.

Oh he is soooo close - but no. The bird decided to check out the rest of the house and left the backroom for a quick look around and then headed for Noah's room. Now Noah's room is not that big, but I tell you we could not find that bird anywhere. We looked in the closet- behind the door -up on dressers - no bird. Now I'm thinking this is not too fun - we really need to find this bird. Well after thinking it had somehow gotten past all of us and was now in another part of the house - Noah discovered it on the side of his bed . . . OK little guy time for you to go home - it was a nice visit but God gave you a much bigger home to enjoy.

Sweet victory . . . All snuggled up in a towel ready to great the world once again. He is cute though don't you think? (the bird too)

Have a wonderful day everyone - Lisa