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Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to flush a potty with no water?

Well this question might not mean a lot to some, but for us it has become our daily task as we have had frozen pipes (until last night) . . . So just in case you would ever happen to need this information here is my wisdom on flushing a potty (that word seems better than toilet) without running water.

Materials needed:
1 mop bucket or similar pail
1 smaller bucket for scooping (or you can always just use your hands)
1 pair of waterproof gloves (these need not fit perfect - Daddy's work just fine)
1 scarf
1 hat (to cover those ears)
1 warm jacket
1 pair of waterproof boots (feet wrapped in Wal-Mart sacks work just as well)
1 hardworking boy (complete with sound effects) who thinks it is a game to dig trails through the snow
2 towels (one for the hardworking boy to step on and one to set the pail on)
1 scoop for placing snow in pans
2 pans
Optional: medium sifter used to remove the grass, acorns, rocks and "gumballs" from the snow that the hardworking boy scooped up by accident

1) Wrap hardworking boy up in above warm clothing (even if he protests that he is SO hot)
2) Send boy out to scoop up snow and place in bucket.
3) Make sure boy stands on above towel so he is not soaking the floor with melting snow
4) Place pots on stove and turn to high
5) Dump snow into pots (setting bucket down on the other towel)
6) Send boy out for more snow
7) Repeat steps 2-6 as needed until you have one full bucket of water
(3 buckets of snow = 1 bucket of water)
8) Take off lid to toilet tank
9) Dump the bucket of water into the tank
10) Flush . . . VICTORY ! ! ! !
11) Make hardworking boy some warm hot chocolate followed by a big hug and kiss.

Important Note:
It is VITAL and I repeat VITAL that you ask hardworking boy if he has to use the potty before you proceed with Step #10 (ask me how I know this)

If no snow is available . . . well sorry you better make a trip to the gas station.

Have a wonderful day everyone - and yes every faucet in my house is dripping - Lisa