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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crafting Season

Tis the Season for Craft Shows! I was determined that this year I was going to do a craft show. Well of course I waited until the last moment to get everything together (well this one wasn't entirely my fault - the sponser didn't let me know until a week before the show that I was in) - OK it really wouldn't have mattered if they let me know 2 months ago, I still would have procrastinated, but I have learned to except the fact and just move on. My poor family suffered through a week of eating in the living room or at their school desk - paper - scissors - glue - ribbon - tape - brads - did I mention paper . . . this is what we lived two weeks ago. People ask me "Is your house always this clean?" Well here is your answer come to my house the week before a show and you will see chaos like never before, but that is when I work best I think.

This picture is of my work station in the front living room. Somehow this ends up being most my dumping station and I work more in the kitchen.

Eat who needs to eat - we have crafts to make!

Did I mention paper . . . Here are some of the Kid's card kits I put together and of course more clutter.

Here are some of the journals I made to go along with the Journal in a Jar Sets. I REALLY enjoyed making these. These are a neat gift idea. I will try to post better pictures of the set later on.

And here we are at the show. The kids were real troopers and stayed the entire time . . . with the help of Daddy of course. I don't think Bob will be a Craft Show Man anytime soon though.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to do a show this year. Bob and the kids were all so patient with me as I pulled everything together. We have another show coming up in December that I am really looking forward to - and yes I have started making things for this one already.
Well it is past 11:30pm here - so I am off to get some sleep.
Have a wonderful night everyone - Lisa