Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Some Catching Up To Do

I had a few minutes this evening so I decided to try and get a little caught up on the blog. The kiddos are sleeping (thank you God - that is truly a blessing) and Bobby is off recording music tonight, so it is just me, the laptop and Josh Groban's Christmas CD.

Just to update everyone - Noah is doing "better". I say that because he still sounds so bad when he coughs, but at least he is sleeping through the night a little better. We are on day 9 of this and let me just say it is a little tiring and I'm not even the one sick. We did take him to the doctor on Saturday and then back Wednesday for chest x-rays. Noah does not do well AT ALL with unknown situations (He is like his mama that way) and was really nervous when the Dr. Vo sent us over to Radiology. Avery was telling him all about what to expect and how he will get stickers and everything (She's an old pro having gone through it last winter), but for some reason he wasn't too comforted.

I have to call tomorrow (Friday) if he is still no better, but I think the antibiotics are starting to work a little. The cough syrup Dr. Vo prescribed seems to be stopping the cough enough at night to were he can actually sleep a little. Since it is walking pneumonia, she only wants to try and give him the cough syrup at night so it doesn't settle lower in his lungs. But I think with the inhaler during the day . . . he is able to get past most of the coughing fits without gagging too much. We still are watching for signs of dehydration as now he has diarrhea and is still not eating. Poor little guy lost over 7 pounds from Saturday's weigh in to Wednesday's weigh in, but he is slowly starting to eat a little here and there and we found a Gatorade that he likes - so that helps a lot.

Poor little Avery has missed her Bubba so much. He has not had the energy or desire to even play with her. But now I fear that she is getting it as well. When we went in on Wednesday she was coughing a little bit and Dr. Vo asked if she was sick as well, but she had just started coughing the evening before, so I didn't really know. But . . . . today she has started coughing more and more, so we are just going to see what happens.

Through all this week - I am so blessed that my children are as healthy as they are. I was reminded again today of how fragile life is and how blessed we are as parents with "healthy" strong children. I have not had to watch my child suffer with a debilitating disease or fight for their lives. Each day I have with them is truly a gift from God and I am SO thankful.

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to thank God for your blessings - Lisa