Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look out Milli Vanilli

Do you know what is sad? If you actually knew who that group was! ! ! Here is our very own Amazing Allen Duets. Bob hooked up a microphone in the amp we use for his electric drums so the kids could practice singing with a mic. Yeah . . . I'm not sure if that was such a great idea, but they love it. They have put on several shows already and are actually doing pretty good with it. Noah likes being the announcer more than actually singing in it. Now Avery is another story. The last picture is of her singing for Grandpa and Grandma Allen when they were down here. She did really well and stayed pretty focused on what she was doing. Grandpa thought she did such a good job he gave her $1.00. He told her if she practiced and got real good he would give her $2.00 . . . well that is all it wrote. She has been practicing all the time now. The other day I told her she needed to rest for a while and she said "but Grandpa is going to give me $2.00 if I practice real good". Thanks Grandpa . . . the microphone is coming to your house with the amp for Christmas. Santa delivers . . . I checked ! ! !

Enjoy the pictures everyone - maybe some time I can actually put them on here singing.