Grace On Rainbow

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My little man isn't so little

I know this is a rather odd picture, but I just want to show you the dilema I go through on laundry day. My little boy is slowly (or rather quickly in Mommy time) growing to the size of a man (or at least his feet are). I know by looking at the picture you say "Well Bob's are still bigger" or "Noah's are grey on the bottom", but trust me when you have 40 socks staring you in the face those difference quickly disapear and you realize that you are no longer able to just grab the baby socks and the Daddy socks and be done. You now have to stop - think and then check drawers when your husband informs you that he thinks his socks are shrinking because they don't quite fit right. This is only the beginning wait for the underwear ! ! !

A little frazzled, but blessed all the same - Lisa