Grace On Rainbow

Monday, September 22, 2008

St. Louis Zoo Trip

Okay I know it has been ages since I updated our blog. My husband reminded me of that fact a few times already.

Well here are a few pictures of what we have been up to these past few weeks.

Bob and I went with Noah and his 3rd grade Sunday School class to the St. Louis Zoo. The kids did great - except for one little incident involving a Wal-Mart sack and a little girl in the back seat with Bob and I getting car sick . . . yeah - not a pretty picture ! ! !

But aside from that the kids all did really well and we had a wonderful day. We thought that it would rain on us the entire day, but we had beautiful sunny weather the entire day.

Of course Noah was thrilled because he actually had BOYS to hang out with. It was strange to experience him in this setting - where I was actually the "embarrassing mom" ! ! Can you believe it - me an embarrassing mom - now Bob I would understand, but me ! ! !

Of course we couldn't forget Noah's favorite animal . . . the crocodiles ! ! ! !

Have a great day everyone - Lisa