Grace On Rainbow

Friday, December 26, 2008

Run . . . Run . . . Fast as you can

You guessed it . . . it's cookie making time in the Allen House. I found the best recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing. I have never attempted to decorate with royal icing before - and I must say that it just might be my newest fun thing to do. The kids did really good until we had to

wait for them to bake - which only took about 8 minutes and they cooled super fast so we could ice them almost right away - which is really good because everyone knows how much patience my children have (NONE)

Well I am going to try and finish some things up and then I am off to make dinner. We are having spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic bread, and oranges if anyone would care to join us.

All our love - Lisa

Let me tell you - this was total consintration time.

Noah icing his Gingerbread Man

Avery's Gingerbread Man is now Complete - - Noah's did a great job on his star. He is such an artist even with icing.