Grace On Rainbow

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Little Sick Kiddos . . .

I'm not sure what has hit the Allen house - but are two little kiddos both are running fevers Noah (102.5) and Avery (102.4) and not feeling well at all. Today was spent snuggled on the couch, in bed or on my mommy's floor while trying to get some school work done. Not a very fun day. You know Avery is sick when she turns down chocolate cookies and Noah turns down ice cream. Hopefully this will just be a 24-hour bug and things will be better in the morning. Yet - somehow I think with ear ache complaints and a sore throats I'm not too hopeful that a doctor's visit isn't in our near future. Well if it is - at least I can get them both in at the same time. Well Bob and I just finished our Bible Study - so I am off to get ready for bed and maybe snuggle with a movie.

Have a great evening everyone - Lisa