Grace On Rainbow

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vacation Week . . . Moscow Circus

We had a wonderful vacation and I wanted to share just a bit of our fun. . . Our vacation started with going down Monday to see the Moscow Circus at Yakov's theater. It was a fantastic show. I loved the fact that it wasn't just a circus, but it was actually a story that played out in the circus. Andrei the Clown falls in love with Marina the Ballerina but her sister, who runs the circus, does not want them to be together. They struggle to find their way to be together in America . . .

While we were waiting to go inside . . . we spied someone we knew - Noah's best buddy from Scouts and his family. They have a daughter that is also Avery's age, so it worked out perfect. It was so fun to watch the kids enjoy the acts in the lobby together. When we went in for seating they were actually just one row behind us . . . what are the chances. The kids LOVED it and I'm so thankful for shows that we can take the kids to and not be worried about what "previews" they might see or what language they might slip in.

This was Avery's favorite thing - the human slinky . . . amazing. Mine was the bubbles - I cannot even describe how fantastic it was. . . .

I will post more later . . . but right now we are off to do visitation for SBBM.

Have a wonderful day everyone - Lisa