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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Am amazing truth . . .

Children are such a wonderful blessing. In truth I do not always see that in the day to day training and teaching, but in God's perfect way He gently reminds me. Tonight as we were getting the kids ready for bed, Noah came in and asked if I would rock him. He loves to snuggle and I use to always rock and sing to him. However, it is getting increasingly difficult as he is getting bigger and I am getting older. My hip often protests under the weight - but how could I refuse such a sweet request. As he climbed in my lap he told me "You wont be able to do this much longer - like when I turn 9, but then maybe I could rock you". What a joy it is to have such a child with an incredible sweet spirit. I pray that he will always remain true to God in such an innocent way. As I fought back tears I said, "I am going to miss you when you leave me Noah." . . . . "Don't worry Mom I'll come visit you every weekend. I promise, and maybe I will live at the metal place where they can build trains. I will have them make trains and the parts will actually move and when they get that done, I will take the extra metal and make tracks with wood under them . . . " Oh yes - everything always comes back to trains, but it was still a precious moment none the less - and then off he went to bed looking over his shoulder saying "I love you Mom." Now those are words that melt my heart.
Have a wonderful evening everyone - Lisa


Bob said...

This is my wife in a picture and paragraph. The most loving woman I have ever known.