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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monthly Menu Planner

My cousin asked me about my monthly menu planner. Well I was a little late getting this set up this month, but here it is. There are a few things that I try to keep in mind when planning our menu. One thing is that we are trying to eat a lot healthier. All of these recipes, although some are standard comfort foods, can be altered to be a healthier version. I will be posting some of these recipes later on. I also like to do a lot of crock pot recipes. I truly LOVE my crock pot and the convenience it gives me. I also try to plan things that will give leftovers for next day's lunches (killing two birds with one stone).

The other thing I plan for is using something in multiple recipes. For this monthly menu I have several ham recipes. I can get a spiral cut ham for under $1.75 a pound at Wal-Mart. This will give me baked ham - ham & beans - ham & potato casserole - breakfast casserole - and ham for sandwiches and the backed potato bar. Now this could be ham overload, but if you limit it to once a week it works out well. I will also plan ahead and dice up the ham I will need and freeze it for later on in the month.

Setting up a monthly menu not only helps relieve the stress of the last minute dash of "what's for dinner", but it helps save money as you know exactly what you need for groceries. Generally if we don't have any plans for dinner we will succumb to the fast food frenzies of life.

So I hope this has helped and will get you thinking about how and what you will need for your monthly planner. Oh and just as a side note. This planner will last me until the Spring when more fresh fruits and vegetables come in and less warm comfy foods are needed.

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love your you follow a book or do you just create your own