Grace On Rainbow

Monday, April 27, 2009

A new Dress . . .

Here are a few pictures of Avery and her new dress. Well actually it isn't so new since I am so late in posting them, but better late than never. This picture cracks me up - she is so stoic (first time in her life I think).

I found this pattern on-line - It is from Portabello Pixie and I love the simplicity and how quick the pattern works up. This is actually the second dress I have made using patterns from this company, but I did not take pictures of the first one.
We went to Joann's and little girl helped me pick out the fabric. We ended up buying way too much - I think it is a sickness with me because no matter what it is I'm afraid of running out so I go overboard on it. So now I have like 2 yards or so of each of these fabrics left. Oh well, I'm sure another project will come up sooner or later.

It is a little hard to see, but this is my first attempt with shirring (using elastic thread). It took me several attempts and much tossing and grumbling before I got the hang of it. It really turned out to be pretty neat and fun to do . The shirring is done around the neckline, arms, and waist. You were suppose to finish the edges off with a serger, but I just turned them under 1/4 of an inch and it worked just fine.

So there you have it - one new dress for little miss and smiles to boot. Yeah ! ! !