Grace On Rainbow

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love

I truly am a blessed woman to call this man my Husband. . . and I love hearing it and saying it every time. Today is Bob's 40th birthday and all joking aside I wish that it wasn't . . . We met when he (well actually we both were) still in our 20's and I cannot believe that time has gone by soooo fast. It makes me realize just how temporal our earthy bodies are and to be honest there is a part of me that cannot image this man not being right next to me, holding my hand, believing in me, and encouraging me through every challenge in life. Yet, I do take great comfort in knowing that we will always be together, although not as husband and wife, but as fellow believers with Christ in His glorious kingdom.

So for now I will cherish each day that God has planned for us to be together and rejoice in the knowledge that this amazing man of God . . .
this loving and patient husband . . .
this incredible father. . . .
this giving and sacrificing friend . . . is my beloved.

With all my heart, sweetheart, I wish you a very HAPPY Birthday ! !

Love - LJ