Grace On Rainbow

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Devotion Time

I thought I would share with you some pictures from our devotion time the other night.

Bob taught from Numbers 22 about Balam and Balick and the "talking donkey". It is a great lesson for each of us to learn to heed God's voice and obey His commands. Isn't it ironic that it took a donkey to open the eyes of a man - sometimes we are just as stubborn as Balam and God uses a "donkey" to get our attention as well.
Noah was Balam - and Avery was the Angel of the Lord (Sword and all) I'm not sure whose idea it was to give that girl a sword. . . what were we thinking ! ! !
Daddy played the role of the talking Donkey.

If you have never read the story from Numbers 22 - please take some time this week and include it in your bible study. You can continue with the story of Balam and see how he later would destroy thousands and thousands of people through his false prophecy.

This was so much fun and I "think" through all the giggles they truly understood the importance of listening to God. I pray that each of us will take time this week and listen to God . . . where is He telling you to go (or not go). Balam saught God's advice, but he didn't heed his warnings. I pray that we are not like Balam. Have a wonderful week everyone - Lisa