Grace On Rainbow

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jr. Camp and A Lot Of Prayer

This is how I love it . . . all of us together, but this week would be different. You, my son, would be going to camp for the first time and would be an hour away for entire week.

I knew that you would be in good hands with Mr. Dennis and Mr. Matt, but still it did not make it any easier saying good-bye Monday morning.

I watched as you stayed close to your Daddy. I knew that you were just as apprehensive as I was, but you are SO strong and I am so proud that you did not let your "nervousness" stop you from seeing what God had for you.

Vans all packed and I am realizing just how real this is - that in just a few minutes I will be releasing you further out in the world than I ever have before, and I can no longer hold back the tears.

With everyone here - you go inside and pray as a group and I pray yet another prayer for you and the counselors.

On Wednesday, Aunt Dani and I drive down to see you and Shelby. I got there just in time to watch you play kick ball.

I absolutely love watching you having fun and enjoying the days that God has given you.

You were never embarrassed to stop and wave the "I Love You" sign or blow me a kiss. Thank you for that - you will never know how much those things mean to me.

This was my first time seeing Camp Sagmount and it really was a beautiful place. Of course I already knew where your favorite place would be - the lake, fishing for whatever would nibble on your hook.

I can never tell you just how much joy you bring to my life. You are an incredible testimony of God's goodness - you bring such light into this world that I have no doubt that you will grow to accomplish amazing things for God.

and even though you were SO tired and were a little homesick - you stuck it out and we both made it through. I don't know if you will ever go to camp again, but I do know this - I am blessed not just because I am your mother, but I am blessed because I know you and the overwhelming love in your heart. I am so proud of the young man you are growing to be even when it is SO hard for me to let you go I always know that you will put God first in the decisions you make. I love you my sweet boy and I thank God for you more every day.

Love - Mom