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Thursday, June 18, 2009

How we spent our day . . . .

I have guessed for some time now that I needed to take Avery in to get her eye's checked. I just figured that she needed glasses for reading as she practically has her nose to the page as she tries to read. Well I finally scheduled her an appointment today and well can I just say I feel like an AWFUL mom.

The doctor said that she has an astigmatism (probably hereditary because of the degree it is and since Bob has one as well) . . . most people have a little astigmatism - but little girl's is termed as "severe" - which basically means she will have to wear glasses the rest of her life. The doctor said that she more than likely has had it since birth and should have been wearing glasses this entire time. . . . .BAD MOM . . . . BAD MOM . . .

Along with this she is also both near and far-sided and would have required glasses even without the astigmatism. She was a little nervous about getting them, but once we told her that she would be just like Mary Ingalls - it seemed to help a little bit.

I was a little nervous for her because with the astigmatism as bad as it is the doctor said she would require a "rather thick" lens. Well you know what I thought of . . . . yep Coke bottle glasses. Well she is limited to the frames she can have because of the thickness of her lenses and they distort the look of her eyes a little bit . . . but not like I was imagining.

So here is our beautiful little girl with now much better vision. Things are still a little "blurry" for her as she adjusts to such a change, but tonight for the first time since I can ever remember my little girl sat on the couch and watched a movie without leaning over the arm or squinting to see.

Well we have to go back in 6 months to check and make sure that the glasses are actually keeping the astigmatism under control and preventing it from getting any worse. He really didn't think that it would continue to worsen now that she is in glasses, but he also wanted to monitor it just to be sure. We will also be taking Noah in next week. Even though I have not noticed any real problems with him as far as reading or seeing, the doctor thought that it would be best to check due to Avery's and Bob's condition. Noah was so upset that he didn't get to get glasses as well today and we've tried to reason and tell him it is a blessing not to have them, but right now it is just something "cool" that he doesn't get. . . . and I hope he never will.

Well I am going to get into some comfy PJ's and relax a bit before my boys get back from Boys and Girls Town tonight.

Have a great night everyone - Lisa


mlJudin said...

Hey Lisa,
I love reading your posts'. This one reminds me of ALL the spankings Joshua got because he was disobedient, when in actuality he REALLY couldn't hear us due to damage from ear infections. Yeah I feel the Bad Mom, Bad Mom! Did you do K-5 with her this year? Did she struggle with reading? Well, I hope your summer is going well!