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Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping . . . City Style

Okay . . . . this was actually quite a bit ago that we decided to "go camping" but the pictures were too good not to share. We are limited to where we can go camping - we can't just jump in our pick-up truck (if we even had one) and head out to the woods and set up camp. . . . no . . . . no . . . . no - Here in the big city there are rules and ordinances and laws. We can't even have a campfire unless it is in a fire pit. Well there are a few places that allow you to camp, but we didn't want to have to pay or drive for an hour or more to get to them, so we decided just to pitch our tent in the backyard to see how the kids even did camping. Noah camped out under the stars a while back for Fall Festival - but this was the first time for both kids' to sleep in a tent. So do you know how long it has been since we have had to set up a tent . . . lets just say it has been awhile. So here we are trying to figure out this contraption . . . Where do they get their goofiness from you wonder ? ? ? - You will see. VICTORY! ! ! ! We have a tent that is not collapsing on itself or us.
Our massive bonfire. - Hey it works for cooking hotdogs and roasting marshmellows - the two most import things about camping. Trust me we definately did not need it to keep warm since it was 80 some degrees at night. I LOVE this picture of Avery - it is SO her!

Ready with pillow and sleeping bag - Do you really think that there is going to be any sleep?Nope . . . Not for a while at least - but they had a great time.
So are you still wondering where they get their goofiness from. Bob will tell you that it is from me . . . but oh no . . . now I have proof in black and white (or rather color) . . . it is all Bob! ! ! ! We had a great time and the kids actually did really well. But next time we are only 100 feet from our house - there will be no sleeping on the ground for this chickadee . . . no sir're . . . I will have my air matress pumped up and in the tent with me - it's not cheating it's SMART. It would be different if we lived somewhere that you would actually be sleeping on dirt rather than rock - but our 1/2 inch of top soil does not make for a very comfortable night's sleep - so air matress it is for me. Have a great day everyone.