Grace On Rainbow

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thankful . . .

In July of 1997 I made a very difficult decision. I decided that I needed to begin anew. I needed a fresh start and a new place to call home. I knew that I was leaving behind everything that I held dear - my family, friends, my home. I wondered if I would be able to make it on my own. I wondered where my life would lead me. I was a far different person then, yet in some aspects the same. I remember crying night after night as I felt a loneliness I had not known until that point. Everything was gone . . . my home, my family, my marriage. I felt lost in a world that continued to plunge forward despite my desire for it to stand still. Then without warning only three short months after moving here, God placed someone in my life that even to this day I don't fully believe it. I always wondered what true love was like. What was it like to be fully excepted with no expectations? What was it like to walk in a room and search for that one person? God granted me a gift far beyond my own desires or dreams. In October of 1997 He brought into my life someone who would fill emptiness even I did not know I had. He brought into my life more than a fairy tale's night in shining armor - He brought my best friend - my one true love.

Over the next 11 years our love has been tested - pulled - stretched. It has endured heartache, pain, disappointment, overwhelming joy, growth, forgiveness, and so much more. I have learned to balance my overwhelming love for this man - to know that he is not perfect- he is not without fault - he is not my god. Sometimes we can love something so much that it is placed above our first love - God. Sometimes without knowing it our heart becomes more devoted to something or someone than the God who gave us this special thing. Several years ago I had to learn this.

Now I rejoice and praise God for giving me such a wonderful and amazing gift. You see I do not take it for granted that I have a wonderful marriage. I know far too well what it is like to be in a marriage where there is no love, no respect, no hope. Yet I am thankful to my Creator because He allowed me to know what it was like to have a marriage full of sacrifice, love, respect, joy, peace, strength, and trust - a rarity in today's world.

I thank God for bringing Bobby into my life - not simply as my husband, but as my provider, protector, lover, teacher, helper, and friend. If you are struggling with your own marriage today, I ask that you turn to God for direction and guidance. He WILL give you strength and direct you. You must trust Him to fill your heart as ONLY He can. There is not a man on this earth who could begin to give you the love that God can give you. If you are blessed with a wonderful marriage than please do not forget to thank God for each day and to give Him first place in your heart. He desires to be our first love . . .
I found this picture today and absolutely LOVE the tenderness in it. It is what I desire for Bobby and I - to always remain close to one another and to God. To cherish each other until we are old and gray.

Have a wonderful day everyone and please remember to pray for those around you. There are people hurting all around us. Let us not shut our eyes to the needs of others.

Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.
Psalm 86:11