Grace On Rainbow

Friday, May 8, 2009

Richard Simons Look Out . . . .

OK - there is a WHOLE story about exercising and Weight Watchers in our family. The kids know a lot about health and Weight Watchers because they would go with me every week to the meetings when I went. So Noah is constantly asking me "is this healthy" - or "I think I have worked off some grams". Too funny right . . . well Avery is now talking about her "candy belly" because I told them that too much sugar is not good for her (wish I would remember that). . .

Fast forward to two days ago and this is the scene in my house.
Working out to Walk Away the Pounds. They absolutely LOVE this video. Well I decided to buy them their own workout tape (for kids) and include it in our school day. Now if we could only get back to eating better . . . but that is coming much to Avery's dismay she doesn't like the "healthy stuff".
Have a great day everyone and enjoy what God has given you - Lisa