Grace On Rainbow

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Train on the Brain . . .

This statement is definitely our son lately. Last Thursday while Avery went to Silver Dollar City with her friend Joy - I decided to have a "date" with my son. We hit every place that would POSSIBLY even have anything that looked like a train. I found a train hobby shop . . . . what was I thinking ! ! ! ! It was a dirty - clunky - no rhyme or reason type of place and he LOVED it. They had antique toy trains - new trains - broken trains - everything. It was a little boy's dream land. Ever since that time he has been plotting and planning his perfect train layout. What size of trains to start collecting - N - HO - O ???????
We have watched COUNTLESS youtube videos about train layouts and designs. He is completely hooked. But in it all we gently remind him that these "things" can quickly become idols. That sometimes we desire and seek after, even our dreams, and forsake God and His desires for our lives. We believe there is nothing wrong with having hobbies - yet we also want Noah to be able to balance and see that in the scope of this life whether he builds THE train layout or not - he should be desiring to help build God's eternal kingdom, which so far he seems to be able to keep in persepective . . . . most of the time :-)
So this is how he fell asleep last night. Making his supply list and figuring out what he will need to build his layout . . . .oh and where is he going to build his trainland . . . well I might . . . just a little hinted to him that just maybe . . . . perhaps . . . there's a slight possibility that he could talk Daddy into giving him a small portion of the garage - oh the seeds that I plant - Do I really know what I am doing?