Grace On Rainbow

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One of those moments

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize just how quickly time goes by? Well that was me this afternoon as we were having a picnic lunch on our kitchen floor. (Oh such a good mom right - well actually my table was just covered in scrapbooking stuff as I am making bookmarks still) Anyway I was sitting across from Noah and realized that he is 1/2 way to his DRIVER'S LICENSE ! ! ! ! ! That was such a big moment for me right then. I know . . . I know. . . but he is already almost up to my shoulders and I am just not ready to be looking up to my "baby boy" yet. . . Well no stopping time is there - so I will have to have Bob make me some very HIGH platform shoes (hehehe) and convince all automobile companies that cars are VERY overrated and we don't really need them in another 8 years. Or I guess I can thank God for giving me such a sweet and loving boy that makes me smile everytime I look at his goofy (right now) toothless grin.
Have a great Wednesday everyone - Lisa