Grace On Rainbow

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Whose Child is this anyway ? ? ?

MINE . . . MINE . . . MINE . . . I couldn't take a picture of Noah and not get one of Avery too - the only problem is that she was in her goofy mood . . . Well actually she got down in the football picture pose when she saw the camera because that is what they did for their pictures yesterday - so I told her that I just wanted her to act normal . . . well I got it. If she is not a hambone then she is our little princess.
When we were at JCPenney's yesterday waiting to get our pictures taken they have a spot for kids to watch a movie now - so I watched as she very carefully pulled the sides of her dress out and sat straight down and then foldered her hands in her lap - "That's how a princess sits mom." - Way too cute. Unfortunately no camera.
Well off I go to get some laundry done - Bobby is coming how tomorrow - one more night on the couch and then back to my pillowtop matress I go ! ! !
Hugs to all - Lisa